Using LED screens creatively can take your event to the next level

How to Make Your Event Visually Stunning

As event planners we've all been there before.  One minute you're cruising the internet looking for ideas to make your client's event pop, the next you're banging your head on your desk doubting your ability to successfully plan an event.  Well it's our job to share amongst ourselves what's working now and what's not, and we've found something that's worked amazingly well recently.  Creatively constructed LED Video screens really can add an extra visual level of eye candy for your event.  So what does a “creatively constructed” LED video screen look like?

What is a Creatively Constructed LED Video Screen?

LED Video Walls are generally created out of small individual LED panels.  Each panel can vary in size, but these days the normal size per panel is roughly 2 feet square.  Now, imagine all the possibilities you can make by assembling several two foot square pieces of anything.  Let your mind run with that.  Pretty cool right?  One of the most successful (and now wealthy) people in the world, Markus Persson, created the video game Minecraft, and it follows this same creative construction idea.  By using an LED wall rental in a creative configuration, you can make giant LED video words, columns, runner boards, towers, pyramids, and mosaics.  If you can think of it in square pieces, LED screen rentals can be configured to do it.  

Imagine a 4 sided tall LED video “tower” for a virtual ball drop or count down, or giant video letters that spell out the name of the event with motion graphics displaying right on the letters amping the energy level of the people and adding a lasting impression of “awesome” to the event.  We've used both hanging and stacked LED columns to create a separated video screen effect to add flare to concerts and corporate presentations with amazing reviews from clients.  LED pyramids and crosses are other popular configurations.  The possibilities are only as limited as your mind can create and your budget can work with.

Understanding LED and Things to Consider

LED panels are not created equal.  There are indoor only panels, indoor/outdoor panels, panels that can reach incredible brightness, and panels that have incredibly good resolution.  Indoor panels can never work outdoors because of weather considerations.  So, if you're calling an LED video company to get a quote on LED wall rental, remember to specify indoor or outdoor.  Also the maximum brightness ability of the panels is a huge consideration.  Brightness of an LED panel is usually measured in “nits”.  A panel with a max brightness of 2000 nits or less will not work very well outdoors during the day.  Ideally if your event is outdoor during daylight hours, you're looking for a panel in the 4000 and higher nits range.  Another thing to consider is the resolution of your LED panels.  In the LED video industry, this is usually measured in a term known as “pixel pitch”.  In example, an LED panel with a pixel pitch of 10mm means that each pixel on that panel is 10mm away from the pixel next to it.  The optimal viewing distance for watching video on a 10mm video panel is 30 to 40 feet away.  At this distance, when viewing video on a 10mm LED panel, your eyes automatically blend the pixels together into a beautiful video image.  If you are any closer you can start seeing the individual pixelation of the screen.  For a 5mm video panel the optimum viewing distance is around 15 feet.  Click here for more info on this.  When you call to get quotes on renting LED video panels be sure and understand how far away your closest viewer is going to be from the LED screen, then make your decision on which pixel pitch to get based on that.  For the budget minded you should always try to target the highest pixel pitch that you can get away with, as the higher pixel pitch panels seem to be more cost friendly then the small pixel pitch screens.  It goes without saying that you pay for better resolution, but if your closest viewer is 30 feet away there's no reason for you to go with a 3mm screen when a 7mm screen will look the same from that distance.  Check this out as an example of creatively constructed columns. 

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